b y  M i c h a e l   L i t t l e w o o d   B i d d i s o n 

“In nature, nothing is discarded …everything is re-used, re-invented, woven back in.                                                     This is the way of Zart also.” —the Peeah dey Woefda

Welcome to my Zart place. I’m Michael Littlewood Biddison (the XLII, it's a long story). Most folks call me Mike honestly. This site features my works in multiple mediums, also how and why I came to be a Zartist (and what a Zartist is of course). This can only be properly approached in a 404 page book called “ Zart, the art of everythoing from z to a” which has full color images on wonderfully heavy paper and is packed with 77,000 words interspersed with crazy code links to my songs and videos on the web. LUCKILY there are ways to share that book with you here also!

Michael Biddison     woodsunarts@mac.com       610-247-8718