Earth Chairs

Today is a day of earth and sitting.  


I love the process of making chairs out of found wood.  It reminds me of my beginnings of making art from found stuff.  My brother and I, and a small dirty posse of friends, would build elaborate tree shacks in the woods behind our house.  We called them forts of course, but they really had nothing to do with defending anything and everything to do with making magic of everything. 

We would drink water out of canteens while we made roofs of branches and leaves. We invented worlds. We would discover ways that the fallen logs and mossy stones would cup us.  We would eat our balogna sandwhiches in the filtered sunlight of perfect Wellsboro summer afternoons.

Making chairs has been a special little niche that I return to over and over again.  

In some way it seems to be the smallest form of home.  A place to sit.  A refuge.

I'm especially attracted to those pieces that give clear evidence of the battles of life,  the ones that nature has had some great part in felling, the ones that have the intricate writing of insects etched into there skins. 

My chairs are often low, so as not to leave the earth.

They hold me like a shell.

They hold me like a throne.


They hold me like a hand.

IMG 6788

Happy Earth Day.


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