Is it not enough

is it not enough that you melt inside my eyes 

and soak me

is it not enough that torrential rains expose the heart

of the earth, of the earth

in desert

100B1960 2

is it not enough that an ember has burnt me in the cold

           wanting more from bliss than moments passing

           wanting more from bliss than greed could gaurantee

 what wishes do i dwell on that feel like stalking hunters

protect me and confuse me into lieing down

from all that’s in my pockets and all that’s in my bones

i am looking at an undecided way


 wanting more from bliss than rain evaporating

            wanting more from bliss than greed could gaurantee

 is it not enough to be within this thin exquisite skin

is it not enough that you melt inside my eyes

and soak me

(written by me, this song is on a recording by the llama dalis, 

the last one on the album (recording) in fact.)

to get the whole album

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