Seeds in her purse

My blog this week is a collage of a wall piece I just finished, photographed at various stages of developement. This, along with a "sonem" (song poem) of mine called "seeds in her purse" makes up the slide show. The sonem was the gravitational center of the artwork.Like many of my love songs, it is simultaneously a love song to my wife Andrea, the muse, and the great mother spirit of the earth.  The sonem recording is just a sketch, the art is complete. If you don't like raw recordings, I won't be insulted if you turn down the sound. Click on the image below for the youtube link.



she  holding seeds in her purse

            velvet lined and sumptuous

she   sensuous and soft

            all possible temperatures

and textures    

and directions


volcano and ocean and quiet cave

geode and island and teetering stone.


as her lips part     

an inaudible song leads me from spine of mountain

to womb of valley

through rushing waters.


she is that which must be seen.

she is that which must be felt.


in her body i see my own birth and death

and rising from therein.


there is a sense of the fragile

but i fool myself into thinking her tender

and i her protector.


for she is the roaring tumultuous center

that creates all and cannot


Michael Biddison       610-247-8718