Travelling Light

This is a slideshow of the process of making a commission piece that ended up being called "travelling light." The music in the background is from the Lllama Dali's "Silly Beast" CD. (Our only CD now that I think of it) The song, "Vagabond"  is about travel,adventure, love, enchantment, light and listening to where one is supposed to be going. These are also the themes that I was playing with in this wall piece.  The slideshow starts with the elements of color and materials that were to be the starting points.  You will see the meandering path that is my way.  Lots of little bits that start out as separate fragments that get woven together. 


IMG 2793

I'm always very grateful when people are courageous enogh to venture into a commision piece with me.  Usually they have seen projects I have done in the past, have a sense of my language and general aesthetic.  Although we talk and do sketches and get specific where we can, we still must rely on the inexact science of poetics to describe where a piece is meant to go. Thanks to all who have done this dance with me.

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