What IZJournal IZ(is)

IZJournal starts off as my (Michael Biddison's) project.  It's my sketchbook,  songbook, and journal of experiences that point in the direction of stuff that inspires living life as a creative, sensitive, integrated  being.  Some entries will be ponderous, some silly, some beautiful, some ugly. In an integrated life, it's all holy. In casting such a wide net, I hope to include my various modes of obviously artistic expression (songs, sculptures, poetry, paintings, performances) as well as projects that more inclusively engage socially, ecologically, economically and politically.  This would include my various interests in creative community, beautiful tiny houses, general projects that deal creatively with "waste" and having joyful fun with as many participants as are willing.

Michael Biddison     woodsunarts@mac.com       610-247-8718