9. 3house worked with client to engineer and fabricate the single rod hinge system.

Welcome to the Triple Decker Music/sonem performance page/door. Think of this as the album that accompanies the album cover called “Zart, the Art of Everything.” Click on a link and it will go sometimes to youtube, sometimes to Soundcloud, sometimes to a mysterious place that only tall rabbits that can talk would know about.

The page numbers are approximate but relate to the long and chaotic (if you believe that chaos exists) treatise called “Zart, the Art of Everything from Z to A.” which is sometimes a book, sometimes an album cover, and sometimes a party. To understand this even partially you will have to read this quite convoluted book mentioned before and even that will give you no guarantees of being more clear. That said, I think youll enjoy it aanyway.

Song/recording/video catalog

Song/recording/video catalog

11         more than i can say

50          i will hold you

87         cave

90          the birth of the Peeah

91          emerging

169        when you coming home

18         1resumeLink for ”resume” on SoundCloud  

192       floor songFloor song

214       learning to be a human

222       muse

234      shelter in placeSheltering in place

240      whit on white

244       prayer to understand

248       purple words

255      is it not enough

337      planted in the valley

354       fastened to youLink to SoundCloud

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