Compost Creatures #1

I've been working on a project called "Compost Creatures" in collaboration with my friends Donna Delaney and Dave Weber.  As with all my projects, nothing is ever simple.  It includes an educational intent, a sculptural intent, an environmental intent, and a community building intent.  It has a song, a sculpture, a composter, and a short 3D movie.  Well, maybe not a 3D movie.

So today I'm just gonna share the song sketch.  I'll include lyrics because I mumble and stuff.

Trying to fit in all the salient facts about composting is tricky.  I met with another friend, Eric Hurlock, to consult on  my accuracy.  I'm afraid there are limits to how much even I can jam into a song. Bob Dylan probably could do it. But as John Kennedy once said "Mike, you are no Bob Dylan." (I've resolved the issue with a footnote below)*

CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE AMAZING SONG: "Compostion in D: Compost"  (youtube)

IMG 2878

Here's the full text:


There's nothing complicated about your compost

everything eventually turns to dirt

but seeing how we are fancy critters

just a few improvements, improvements wouldn't hurt


first of all, there's things you think are stinky

you'd rather have those things go far away

you tolerate the smell of fruits gone squishy

but things that smell like crap they cannot stay 


And the other fans of things that's going rotten

Like raccoons and rats and flies, you’d hold it bay

the bees and spiders you can grant as neighbors

but the vermin that are creepy cannot stay


The final thing I know you might be thinking

it take so long to make the stuff turn into soil

seems forever things look just like they always did

did brontosaurus take so long to turn itself to oil


So here's the simple scoop to make your compost

if you're in a rush just keep it stirred

to keep the critters out just keep it closed up

and don't put critters in if you don't like it stinking like a turd


Of course there’s more refinements if you’re tricky

You could add dead leaves to turn the heat down

Or hay, dead grass or shred some paper

(The rule is 1 of green and 4 of brown)

This is where the faint of heart get squirrelly

Don’t let the chemistry make ya frown

You could make a special place to hold it

That’s a fun surprise with whirling things and turns

And wiggly gears to churn make it burn make it burn


You could make it look just like a critter

cuz a compost critter on the outside does no harm

And you could throw a party every time when

the compost’s nice and warm you’d sound the dirt alarm

and the kids and dancers swarm

and we’re dancing on the farm


but all these things as much as they are awesome

Keep in mind this thing so you don’t get to worn

Important thing is keep it from the land fill

Keep it simple not a horrible chore


There's nothing complicated about your compost

everything eventually turns to dirt

but seeing how we are fancy critters

just a few improvements improvements wouldn't hurt 

IMG 2894

*This is the only lyric that matters:  "There's nothing complicated about compost, everything eventually turns to dirt."  The science of balancing out the "cool" brown stuff (dead leaves or grass kinds of stuff) at about 4 parts  and "warm" green stuff (raw veggies and fruits and such) at about 1 part, is hard to pull off in a song. 

As is discouraging putting in dairy products or any oil/fats.  

Or that you should crush up egg shells. 

Definitely adding nuclear waste is also bad. 

But I stand by the "everything eventually turns to dirt."

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