Muse's Door: Geode, Cave and Teetering Stone

This wall piece is made from the retired door of a 19th century buiding in Delaware (8'6" long 25" wide).  It hangs in my wife's Pilates studio (my gallery away from home), holding court. 

On first telling of its origins, I thought I remembered it came from a church.  

I loved the poetry of that.  

Doors and doorways have been an important part of my personal iconography for many years. Making a doorway to my view of the sacred was an inspiring beginning point, connecting the hallways of all that matters to me.


But then, on further inquiry, I found that I had mis-remembered, mis-heard, or something.  

It was actually from a jail.  

Well that has its own poetry. 

I had to connect yet another hidden hallway. 

IMG 2217

How I came by this door:  A good friend of mine who does high end mill work had a customer who sent this ancient door away to be stripped with acid and chemicals 

(not a great idea in general unless you prefer something to be mostly porous and falling apartish)

(but after all it was cheaper than stripping it by hand).  

IMG 2215

When it came back it was un-useable as a door, wood patches/repairs had fallen off, the joints were sloppy and loose, and the wood had become soft.  It no longer had enough structure to operate as a door.  


New doors had to be milled up and these were headed to the trash pile.  

"Not so fast!" cried Doc Salvage (one of my many altering egos). 

IMG 2067

 This is the re-imagined door. The panels have been replaced with a variety of found materials and images: plexiglasss, copper, and cherry make up the greater part of the new panels.

IMG 2070

There is a door with hidden song lyrics.

In my sacred door, there is earth. there are the whirling creatures.

and the muse that brings it all to singing.

and then of course there is the jail

which makes the love and beauty delightfully real.

In the words of Richard Lovelace, 

"stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage"

the rest of that poem, if you haven't read it recently, is this door.

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