Now for sale in a ZILLION forms!!!!

(see below for the dazzling details)

As I gear up to publish my multi media crazy book “Zart, the Art of Everything’’ I’m experimenting with selling works in some new formats, with vastly different prices. This is both to make some of my images more accessible to a large audience and to have fun translating images with fast modifications. To do this I am offering a variety of media presentations. The breakdown approximately (doesn’t include framing, sales tax, or shipping) for images that fit within the bounds of a 8.5” x 11: As a contemporary aside, folks can consider these Non-fungeable tokens that have a physical presence as well. 

1. Simple prints: done off my standard home computer printer can be offered in the range of $30 (signed and numbered. I’ve decided to limit each “batch” to 200 copies) I’d be glad to also provide a jpg of the image that you can reprint should colors vary with time. 

2. Gyclee prints: these are archival inks on nice thick acid free paper and can be offered in the range of $80, depending on the size. (signed and numbered also. This a differnt “batch” of 200 copies)

3. Altered prints: i draw, paint, scratch, twirl on each of these to make them one of a kind pieces with a base of one of my prints. They are signed, but not numbered, since they are one of a kind. I offfer these in the range of $130.

4. Altered prints with original “shrubbi frames.” Like the first image on the page “red fruit in the blues garden” Shrubbi is transformed rubbish of course. Carved, painted, assembled, and again one of a kind. I don’t make traditional frames but instead turn the image into a sculptural object. Picking from collection of cool discards, I’m inviting folks to create their own price, and the complexity of my additional touches 

5.  The more standard one of a kind fine art piece for those interested in the energy of an original piece of zart work and supporting a dedicated zart practitioner. Prices vary a lot. Request prices if you want.  See available works for more pieces in this realm.

6.  Prints on clothing, especially used clothing, very excited to do, or on cups, etc. Anything that suggests that zart is the art of everything sounds interesting to me. Havent got the details of cost or process worked out yet. So, we'd have to work together. 

7. any mix of all above

Michael Biddison       610-247-8718