"Muse's Door: Geode, Cave and Teetering Stone" 


This piece is made from the retired door of an 18th century buiding in Delaware (8'6" long 25" wide).  A customer sent this ancient door away to be stripped with acid and chemicals (not a great idea in general unless you prefer something to be more porous and falling apartish).  When it came back it was un-useable as a door, patches had fallen off, the joints were sloppy and loose, and the wood had become soft.  New doors had to be milled up and these were headed to the trash pile.  "Not so fast!" cried Doc Salvage.  This is the re-imagined door. The panels have been replaced with a variety of found materials and images: plexiglasss, copper, and cherry make up the greater part of the new panels.

Michael Biddison     woodsunarts@mac.com       610-247-8718